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Lighting is crucial to interior decor since it can both make or break your room’s aesthetics. Lighting types and intensity should be taken into consideration. Lighting always works in conjunction with the other design aspects, the effectiveness of lighting depends on other interior design factors like colour palettes, room size and layout, headspace availability, fabric choices, and furniture selection. 

Ambient and general lighting are the basis of the general lighting for any given space uniformly. Preferably used in the area where we perform our daily activities. Such lighting options are perfect for living areas where we spend time together. General lighting is a practical light for everyday and night use. 

Ambient lighting will be created so that one can control the lighting levels for different occasions or requirements – Ambient lighting creates the mood by dimming – changing colour and or using different “scenes” and types of lighting “layers” that can be set by an automated system.

Task lighting provides the desired illuminance for the performance of certain tasks like study, office work, cooking, or baking activities by providing the desired illuminance.

Accent lighting is generally used to focus light on a particular area or object to highlight the things that you want to be noticed. It creates dramatic points by highlighting artwork, photo frames, entrances, plants, and textured walls. Accent lighting can bring warmth and a cosy feeling if lighting gets done in the right manner.


Smart lighting refers to a specific set of lighting technology that is specially designed to increase efficiency and conserve energy. It utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to autoregulate aspects like intensity and colour with respect to its immediate surroundings. Effective use of Automation in your home allows one to create scenes for the various “moods” – “ambience requirements” we want in our homes. An effective lighting design within a home incorporates all the types of lighting elements namely – General; Ambience focused and task-required lighting.  

Outdoor lighting aesthetically beautifies our houses while also being a key role player in the safety and security of the house. Proper outdoor lighting can manifold the value of the house by illuminating the outdoor space uniformly to create a landscape-like view.

When we focus on the external and landscape lighting we look at a minimalistic design and focus on the aesthetic aspects of the house and garden. A house that is merely flooded in every area loses its appeal and the architectural design is lost. Lighting up the external space forms a critical part of a house lighting design. Using automation again – one can have both aspects – but selecting the correct scene for the requirement – being for security purposes and then ambience lighting for times when one entertains.

The team at Liquid Lighting assist many architects; designers and clients with their lighting requirements in domestic projects – we assist with the design phase of the lighting – and then we draw up a list of requirements and the types of lighting choices that fit in with the style that the client and architect want. We also form a critical part of the construction phase in assisting on-site and advising the client and contractors with what is required during installation. We have created many wonderful spaces for our clients locally; nationally and across borders – and have managed to form long-standing relationships with the clients for many years thereafter.

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