Dynamic Solutions
Insights To Some Amazing Lighting Solution Projects

Our approach to delivering exceptional lighting solutions has much to do with our client-centric approach to every project. We draw from every project team members professional experience and in turn this becomes evident in the ’group dynamics’ each person brings to the success of a project.



Dynamic Solutions

As market leaders in lighting design in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, we pride ourselves in the relationships we have established with our long-term and repeat business customers. These relationships have been built over years of quality and reliable service. By taking the time to understand our customer’s individual requirements we ensure we provide them with the best solution based on our technical knowledge and experience.


Teaming Up

We have taken many opportunities to use a clients vision and implemented this with great success by adding to a creative space and innovative lighting solution.


Figures & Schedules

Accountability to us means on-time delivery and remaining within the given budget.We take great care in presenting solutions that meet the specific criteria.


Peace Of Mind

Nothing pleases us more than getting the acknowledgement from a client or project manager when what we delivered exceeded their every expectation.



It was truly a collaborative effort with the awesome design team at Boogertman + Partners and Liquid Lighting. We were provided the 3D’S of the look and feel that was presented to the client. We used their vision to source decorative lighting elements to complement the design. Some may say that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but in this instance, the perception of beauty is not subjective. One only needs to open one’s eyes and truly look at this beautiful space to be mesmerized in another world.


The selection of the right colour palette was masterfully done and design and lighting complimented each other beautifully. The feeling of being surrounded by luxury adds to the atmosphere and the careful selection of the correct light fixtures plays a major role in adding not only colour and ambiance and style to the spaces carefully selected for them. They command a prominent presence in the room and add a flair of pizzazz!


This project is truly a highlight of 2021, and we are extremely proud of what was accomplished. What an exciting project this was! Leana Quin


Product Name: Black String Light
Material: PCV/Rubber
Voltage: 110-220V
Max Wattage: 40W
Lamps: E27

Product Name: 230v 40W E14 Extra Large Crystal 7 Tier Chandelier
Colour: Charcoal Grey
Specifications: Smoke K9 Crystals
Measurements in cm:
Height: 84 + 100 Chain, Diameter: 80

Weight in kg: 25
Lamps: 13 x E14
Wattage: 230v 520W
IP Rating: IP20

Product Name: 230v 40W E27 Art Deco 2 Glass Wall Light
Colour: Black with Amber Glass
Measurements in cm:
Height: 40, Width: 12,
Depth: 20, Diameter: 12
Weight in kg: 25
Lamps: 2 x E27, G45 Golf Ball Bulb
Wattage: 230v 80W
IP Rating: IP20

Product Name: 230v 60W E27 Bell Jar Glass Pendant
Colour: Black with Smoke Glass
Measurements in cm:
Full Height: 160,
Glass height: 30,
Diameter: 24
Lamps: 1 x E27
Wattage: 230v 60W
IP Rating: IP20

Product Name: SL072 BLACK- Standing Lamp
Colour: Black Metal Base with Smoke Glass
Lamps: 2 x 60W ES
Measurements in mm:
Base: 280mm,
Wdith: 420mm,
Height: 1670mm

Product Name: 230v 40W E27 Single Small Molecule Pendant
Colour: Satin Gold with Amber Glass
Measurements in cm:
Full Height: 225,
Glass height: 20,
Diameter: 19
Lamps: 1 x E27
Wattage: 230v 40W
IP Rating: IP20

Product Name: 230v 40W E27 Large Vase Glass Pendant
Colour: Black Rod with Amber Glass
Measurements in cm:
Full Height: 48 + 100 Red,
Glass height: 44,
Diameter: 30
Lamps: 1 x E27
Wattage: 230v 40W
IP Rating: IP20

Our Suppliers

Over the past years, we have forged strong relations with various top supplier brands. These relationships are essential in delivering the right lighting solution to each project.