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waterfall clubhouse

An amazing project. These lighting features are quite large, 1-meter x 0.8m in size. Not only is the custom light design unique but the rustic feel blends into the background surroundings perfectly.

Trinergy Gym

Visually an exceptional lighting design concept. When viewing the production VIDEO below you get a sense of experiencing this lighting effect, as if you were there.

A gym needs to have energy and Liquid Lighting with this project hits the nail on the head.


The latest progression on the this project in 2022 shows lighting settings on the interior at the Stable Place.


The Stable Place project was completed during March 2021. The main focus of the lighting solution was illuminating the outdoor areas.


The project is a huge undertaking that features a lot of detail lighting design solutions. See how the movement of light ignite the tempo of these areas.  

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To achieve the correct “lighting effect” can be technically challenging. However lighting plays such an integral part in achieving the right effect and result when done correctly. This requires us to keep up with the constant changing trends and various types of products as they evolve and the lighting products improve.

The quality of light can affect people in many different ways. We are acutely aware of how different lighting mediums affects various spaces; namely retail; commercial and warehousing etc – which plays a part in productivity and or sales etc within these spaces. By using our vast knowledge of product; product mediums and its uses we are able to design the lighting in a space to ensure that all requirements are met.

We strive to bring solid technical expertise and sensitive design techniques to architectural and various other types of projects. We know that the value-added service we provide contributes profoundly towards the success of a project.


Here is our project at 5ive on Thirteenth Lifestyle Apartments, the clubhouse.

Presenting the Bradford Body Action Gym in all its glory from an elevated angle.

Outdoor sports court Bradford Body Action Gym

We can provide a design to meet an established budget, we can select from various manufacturers to help keep pricing competitive and can recommend lighting techniques to reduce costs. We always strive to achieve budget objectives without sacrificing the designs intent.

We make use of different techniques or technologies to ensure we achieve an aesthetically and practically pleasing environment. We ensure that we understand the projects specific visual and task requirements and we achieve the desired affect in the most professional; timeous and cost-effective way possible. At Liquid Lighting we believe that technical skills can be learned, however talent; enthusiasm and passion for what we do cannot – this is inbred in our lives.


Work in progress at the offices of Direct Transact. 


An entire city-skyline motif featured was created as both a decorative and illuminating lighting effect.



  • Hundreds of new products are introduced to the marketplace annually. In order to provide proper design solutions, which makes use of the latest, most cost-effective technology, lighting designers must continually update product information and samples from hundreds of different manufacturers. Keeping abreast of the latest products is time consuming, yet essential. We continually educate ourselves to provide the best possible service to our clients.

You may not be aware of the advantages an independent lighting designer could bring to your design and construction process. You need to consider the following:

  • Lighting design has become a creative extension of architectural design, improving visibility and complimenting form. With our knowledge of physics, business, codes, optics, construction, environmental issues, electricity, vision and the art of design, we create breath-taking lighting solutions.



Transforming Living Spaces

Enhancing your space at home using various levels or forms of lighting to create functional; ambient and beautiful statements in the various areas that you live in.


Enhancing Customer Experiences

Creative lighting techniques are used in office spaces to allow for functionality; creativity.

Thereby enhancing spaces that compliment the brand; company and customer experience. 


Illuminating The Work Space

By understanding the customers’ vision and requirements we deliver custom lighting solutions that work in the spaces that are created and enhanced by our designs.

Our experience in the residential, commercial and industrial environments are extensive. No job is too big or too small and our services range from the simple tasks of advising to more challenging projects.

We work closely with our customers, ensuring that the task or project is completed on time and on budget, using the highest quality products available. We also advise our customers of any cost saving measures that can assist  when budgets cuts are required.

We pride ourselves in implementing energy efficient products and strategies, which can help our customers save money and energy consumption.

By using our skills and experience we build ongoing and lasting relationships with our customers.

As market leaders in lighting design in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, we pride ourselves in the relationships we have established with our long-term and repeat business customers. These relationships have been built over years of quality and reliable service. By taking the time to understand our customer’s individual requirements we ensure we provide them with the best solution based on our technical knowledge and experience.