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In warehouse lighting design, there are various elements to consider. We also apply warehouse lighting standards, as well as a myriad of warehouse lighting design choices to use based on individual requirements.

The most common key features of a warehouse are listed below – a lighting designer needs to know to understand the warehouse lighting requirements better.

  • 1 – Warehouses include elevated shelves.
  • 2 – Warehouses have few windows.
  • 3 – Warehouses usually have wide and large floor surfaces.
  • 4 – Warehouses have high ceilings.
  • 5 – Temperatures at which the warehouse operates
  • 6 – Temperatures the warehouses reach at the height of the lighting (as this can affect the life span of the actual luminaire specified)

These key points are typically true for most warehouses, however, some warehouses can have their own unique differences.

When preparing a warehouse lighting plan we take into consideration to figure out if we can rearrange the warehouse’s lighting in a more practical way. Different warehouse luminaires are intended for different parts of warehouses. In arranging the lighting and its purpose in the different areas – we are optimising the lighting and ensuring that the application has the most effective layout – allowing for a cost-saving solution to be implemented.

The lighting should be customized based on the layout of the warehouse so that everything is lit in the best possible way. Taking into consideration the amount of natural light and use of warehouse space in a 12-hour/24 cycle.

The use of LEDs and products that are reliable; market-related pricing and warranties one can rely on – assists us in providing a viable long-term lighting solution for the clients. Firstly, LED (light emitting diodes) are much more cost-efficient than HID and fluorescent because they consume less energy. LED also has a significantly longer lifespan than other lights with good LED light fixtures reaching up to 50,000 hours of work life.

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Liquid Lighting has had the opportunity to work on various industrial and warehouse applications – optimising an existing area and forming part of a professional team in designing a new space.

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